IoBM-GEL MoU to unveil better quality of water

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University-Industry Research Project

Mr. Talib Syed Karim, Rector, IoBM, on behalf of the Institute’s Environment and Energy Management (EEM) Department, and Dr. Sami uz Zaman, Chairman, Global Environmental Lab (GEL) Pvt. Ltd. have entered into a Service-to-Society University-Industry Project  of about PKR 6.08 million research assistance.

This research assistance from GEL aims to facilitate four IoBM MBA, EEM students to accomplish their project titled, ‘Quality of Potable Water Supply from Different Sources and the same water at Consumer end in Karachi, Pakistan’.

In addition, the GEL will provide free-of-cost training to carry out complete physical, chemical, and microbiological analysis including all body burden elements of all the potable waters in Karachi. This research will unveil quality of the drinking water supply to Karachi from health and wellness point of view.